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Comprehensive cholesterol assessment

Cardiovascular disorders are the most frequent cause of death, not only in our country but also throughout Europe. The pathogenesis usually involves increased lipid levels, and especially increased serum cholesterol levels in affected individuals. In the blood, cholesterol is transported by a system of lipoproteins and is mostly contained in low-density lipoprotein – LDL). The LDLs, classified as atherogenic, have become the target of the traditional treatment of hypercholesterolemia. The lower the concentration of LDL cholesterol, the more efficient the treatment of hyperlipoproteinemia is. However....

The new theory on LDL maintains that LDL is not a homogenous class of lipoproteins and several subsets can be identified: LDL 1-7 with diverse atherogenic potential. The so-called small dense LDLs are highly atherogenic, in turn representing the LDL3-7 subpopulation. The new LipoPrint® LDL System, which has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for human medicine for the assessment of plasma lipoproteins, brings a fundamentally different view to the interpretation of hypercholesterolemia. By using this assessment method, it is possible to identify up to 12 classes of lipoproteins and their corresponding subsets (VLDL, IDL1-3, LDL1-7, and HDL). This method enables the quantitative assessment of non-atherogenic and atherogenic lipoproteins and the determination of the atherogenic or non-atherogenic lipoprotein profile, thereby uncovering the hidden risk of myocardial infarction and stroke in the individual being assessed, even if the overall cholesterol and triglyceride levels are normal. With early diagnosis by using the LipoPrint® LDL system, in many patients we are able to significantly reduce this risk by using simple dietary restrictions or changing the patient’s lifestyle.

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Obtain detailed information on the system and Lipoprint tests via downloadable brochures

Lipoprint System diagnostic methods - brochure (PDF)
Presentation of the Lipoprint system and analysis of the results (PDF)